Frostbite Fooey

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 5.5%

Ice cold copper lager

Ribbonman Red

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 5.5%

A malt forward beer with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. The deep red color is sometimes confused for a porter or a stout. Dark malts and 20lbs of honey per batch lend to aromatic notes of plums and currents.

Cloverfield Honey Wheat

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 4.5%

The American wheat ale is perfect for summer with a mild sweetness and a citrus aroma that pulls it all together.

Punk Roktober

Price: $0.65/ozABV: 5.6%

An easy drinking yet flavorful Oktoberfest Lager.

Boston Lager

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 5%

Since 1984, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has used only the finest hand-selected ingredients to create our perfectly balanced and complex original brew.

Liliko'i Kepolo Belgian White

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 5.4%

Adding a tropical island flair to a traditional witbier, Liliko'i Kepolo erupts with monumental passion fruit aroma and acidity along with a sublimely succulent finish. Inspired by our Barrel Herder, Andy Parker's love for the tangy and bold Liliko'i (lil-ah-koi) fruit that he discovered while brewing on the Big Island of Hawaii, Liliko'i Kepolo combines the lusciousness of a Belgian-Style Wheat Ale with the juiciness and electric tingle of passion fruit. This golden explosion of fruity goodness is the perfect companion to breakfast, the beach, and of course BBQs! We add over four pounds of passion fruit puree to each barrel of beer to transport you to the tropics with every sip.

Lollygagger Pale Ale

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 5.2%

Community and partnerships are a large part of how Bent Paddle rolls! We have once again partnered with local Duluth manufacturer Loll Designs to create this flavorful west-coast style pale ale. Lollygagger embodies the laid back form factor of the 100% recycled LOLL chair from which its’ named. After a full day of human powered adventure activity, its great to sit back and enjoy a bright, hop forward pale ale in a stylish Minnesota made outdoor chair! Both companies are Paddling It Forward by dedicating 1% of gross sales of this beer to environmental causes through the 1% For The Planet initiative. Check out our websites for the full list of our donation recipients!

DCR Octoberfest!

Price: $0.46/ozABV: 6%

We refined our popular Marchtoberfest beer, brewing it with premium German malts and using a traditional triple decoction method to really bring out the malt flavors. This beer will only be around for a short time so get it while you can!

Middle of Nowhere Raspberry Blonde

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 4.5%

A light, blonde Ale characterized by a raspberry aroma and back-of-the-throat floral notes

Theodore Rex Chokecherry Wheat

Price: $0.46/ozABV: 4.5%

This American Chokecherry Wheat Ale is a celebration. A celebration of the kind of person Theodore Roosevelt wanted you to be – a Brave! Daring! Passionate! Lover of LIFE! Unafraid of the unknown. Willing to get in the arena of life. And ready to celebrate beneath a never-ending, Dakota Territory sky.

Fuzz Box Tart Ale

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 6%

BREWED FOR GETTING ONE AND USING IT Plug it in, crank it up, and take it into overdrive. Fuzz Box adds passion fruit, orange, and guava to the mix, making this tart ale hum with a triumphant, tropical bite. Turn it up. No, all the way up.

Heartless Blonde Ale

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 4.6%

Bright golden ale that is subtly sweet, light on the tongue and palate with an easy drinkability. A timeless and classic Stonehome pillar.


Price: $0.47/ozABV: 4.9%

A dry-hopped pilsner featuring traditional German hops for a zesty kick to balance the chewy wheat and malt body. Refreshing and flavorful, the Pilsner you have always wanted.

Hopped Up On Pils

Price: $0.47/ozABV: 4.5%

German style pilsner with hallertau and tettnang hops

Agua Fresca Wheat

Price: $0.47/ozABV: 4.5%

We took the malt base for our Cloverfield, ditched the honey, and added watermelon, mint, and lime for a refreshing, freedom loving beer!