Magic Fish IPA

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 5%

This India pale ale packs huge grapefruit and tropical flavors in a sessionable style ale. Made from a combination of Two Track Pale Malt and Crystal malt, this IPA has a light amber hue. American Ale yeast provides a clean background for the Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Galaxy hops to stand out.

Big Timber IPA

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 6%

Dedicated to the larger than life men and women that helped forge the North American landscape. For all the lumberjacks, loggers, fellers and buckers... this beer’s for you. An unexpected bend to an American India Pale Ale, this non-traditional IPA has a depth of body and colour with an enormous floral/citrus hop aroma and a supporting malt profile. Keep on loggin’ on

Citraphonic Disco

Price: $0.00/ozABV: 7%

Citraphonic Disco is a New England-Style IPA from Drumconrath Brewing.

Hazy Little Thing IPA

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 7%

Some beers need a little polishing before entering the world, while others—the hop-heavy, rowdy crowd-pleasers—should just be left alone. We package Hazy Little Thing in all its raw glory: unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from the tanks and into the can. It’s a swirling cloud that likes to shake things up, a fruit-forward hop adventure for the daring. Go bold and make tonight a hazy one.

Nautical Disaster Dry Hopped I

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 6%

For nearly 100 years trouble & tragedy claimed many a steamship, sailor & Captain on Lake of the Woods. The still waters were often fraught with unseen mishap & calamity for both passenger and cargo alike. Nautical Disaster Dry Hopped IPA – a unique triple ‘C’ hop citrus bomb loaded with grapefruit and lifeboats designed for ten… Pairs well with sweet, hot & spicy & big anchors. Navigate responsibly.


Price: $1.00/ozABV: 8%

Belgian Ales represent the height of the brewers’ art. Sophisticated brewing techniques, yeast blends, and unique flavoring elements have elevated the beers of Belgium to the status enjoyed by wine in other countries. PranQster follows in this tradition using a mixed culture of antique yeast strains that produce a floral nose, a full fruity flavor, and a clean finish.

Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze

Price: $0.00/ozABV: 8%

Packed with bright tropical aromas and brilliant citrusy flavors, this unfiltered IPA wraps up with a pleasantly smooth finish.

Cosmic Lounge Hazy IPA

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 6%

Cosmic Lounge Hazy IPA pulls inspiration from the heavens and connects the astral dots to complete this newly iconic style. The ethereal haze swirls with Strata, Citra, and Sultana hops, creating a dank, passionfruit, citrus circus.

War Bonnet

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 8%

Our unfiltered IPA is juicy & aromatic with citrus and tropical fruit. Brewed with 6 different hops for a variety of flavors.

Wood Chipper IPA

Price: $1.00/ozABV: 7%

This classic American  IPA showcases aromatic hop flavors.  and oats provide a sleek, and balanced bitterness while pounds per barrel of Cascade,  Centennial, Chinook, and Simcoe hops give this IPA waves of pine flavors.  delicious beer eh?  Oh,  yeah. you betcha!


Price: $1.00/ozABV: 6%

Anzac hazy IPA made by Drumconrath Brewing in Fargo, ND.