Scarlet Dawn Session Red IPA

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 5.1%

It’s the dawn of an all-new session IPA! Brewed with an array of malts to provide a deep crimson hue, Scarlet Dawn Session Red IPA employs a range of hops that lend a floral aroma and keep the bitterness to a minimum. It’s straightforward, sessionable and will treat you right – morning, noon or night.

Doge Father IPA

Price: $0.63/ozABV: 7.4%

We made this IPA with rahrmalt 6-row, munich, chit, and a pile of oats. Then we hopped it with galaxy, falconers flight, and an experimental South African variety called XJA2/436. This 7.4% IPA is a smooth drinker, with bold aromatic notes of passionfruit, big tropical notes, bergamot, citrus, and lemon.

Avery IPA

Price: $0.45/ozABV: 6.5%

VIDEOS Avery IPA Photo SEE ALL BEERS AVERY IPA YEAR ROUND BREWS COLORADO INDIA PALE ALE 6.5% ABV Avery IPA radiates with the crisp, floral, and resinous hoppiness of six different hop varieties, supported by a malty backbone and a dry finish. As the very first packaged IPA in the state of Colorado, this true Colorado IPA comes alive with a mountain of citrusy hops. At the time of its inception (1996), the India Pale Ale beer style was typically too bitter for many craft beer lovers, but that did not deter Adam Avery from brewing it. Oh how the times have changed, and for the better! We have honored the tradition of the original Avery India Pale Ale recipe with the continued use of 4 C hops, and have modernized it by dry-hopping with Idaho 7 and Simcoe hops. The result is a fresh and piney body with aromas of juicy citrus, all balanced by the subtle caramel sweetness of the malts. Hop Freaks Unite!

Orion Belgian Tripel

Price: $0.47/ozABV: 9%

A Belgian-style Tripel brewed with Pilsner malt and copious amounts of beet sugar from our own Sidney Sugars. It is crisp and dry, with fruity esters and mild spicy phenols.

Nautical Disaster Dry Hopped IPA

Price: $0.58/ozABV: 6.4%

For nearly 100 years trouble & tragedy claimed many a steamship, sailor & Captain on Lake of the Woods. The still waters were often fraught with unseen mishap & calamity for both passenger and cargo alike. Nautical Disaster Dry Hopped IPA – a unique triple ‘C’ hop citrus bomb loaded with grapefruit and lifeboats designed for ten… Pairs well with sweet, hot & spicy & big anchors. Navigate responsibly.

Fancy Papers Hazy IPA

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 6.5%

Just as handsome designs printed on fancy papers and applied to cigar boxes are used to entice cigar lovers, we use Strata, Sabro, and Idaho 7 hops to draw in lovers of fruit-forward Hazy IPAs.

Jai Alai IPA

Price: $0.57/ozABV: 7.5%

Native to the Basque region of Spain, the game of Jai Alai involves players launching a ball from a curved mitt called a cesta in an attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents on a court called a fronton. Native to Tampa, Florida, Jai Alai IPA is a bold, citrusy and balanced India Pale Ale that involves six different hop varietals used generously in a 7.5% ABV beer. While the number of frontons in our home state of Florida has dropped since the sport’s peak in the mid-1980’s, Cigar City Brewing pays homage to the sport and the dedicated players and patrons who keep this Florida tradition alive with its flagship ale. Look for notes of orange peel, clementine and light caramel to share the story and sunshine of Florida with beer lovers across the globe.

Juice Drop Hazy IPA

Price: $0.48/ozABV: 7%

Soft, lush and intensely juicy, our hazy IPA is bursting with hoppy aroma and flavor. To intensify the tropical hop layers without adding to the hop bitterness we dropped in an experimental hop known as HBC 472. This exciting new variety - resulting from open pollination of a wild American hop - is responsible for a distinct coconut-like characteristic. HBC 472 combined with Mosaic, Amarillo and Idaho 7 lends a pleasant and unique complexity loaded with bold flavors of citrus & coconut balanced by a soft mouthfeel.

Hazy Little Thing IPA

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 6.7%

Some beers need a little polishing before entering the world, while others—the hop-heavy, rowdy crowd-pleasers—should just be left alone. We package Hazy Little Thing in all its raw glory: unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from the tanks and into the can. It’s a swirling cloud that likes to shake things up, a fruit-forward hop adventure for the daring. Go bold and make tonight a hazy one.

Wolf Pup IPA

Price: $0.51/ozABV: 4.5%

Hoppy and refreshing, Wolf Pup is our riff on a Session IPA. Highly drinkable with a wildly aromatic tropical and citrus character, it’s the perfect companion to keep on sippin’ for those long, sunny days.