Liquid Lunch Scotch Ale

Price: $0.46/ozABV: 7.1%

A mild, dark and complex beer with notes of caramel from the longer boil time. This malty and full-bodied beer is balanced with roasty notes and a clean finish!

MoonCat Cold Brew

Price: $0.63/ozABV: 5.2%

This collaboration ale features Bismarck coffee roaster Mighty Missouri Coffee Co.’s Mighty Moonrise beans. Light additions of Briess Midnight Wheat malt give this ale a dark hue, while imparting only slight roast flavors, allowing the cold side addition of Mighty Moonrise beans to shine. Light additions of Nuggett and East Kent Golding hops balance the malt and roast flavors.

Mob Barley Barleywine

Price: $0.49/ozABV: 11.6%

This American Barleywine Ale is as bold and daring as you would expect. It pours a dark ruby-brown with an off-white head and displays a complex mouthfeel that hints of caramel-toffee flavors accentuated by a strong bitter caress.

Third Coast Old Ale

Price: $0.59/ozABV: 10.2%

Third Coast Old Ale starts with a rich, caramel base, and finishes with a heavy hop bitterness. Sharply intense at first, it will age gracefully, adding complexity and subtlety in your cellar. Go ahead, test your patience.