Price: $0.46/ozABV: 5.5%

Bavarian tradition, the archetype of the Munich beer, you can taste its history – this is Hofbräu Dunkel. Long before wheat beers and lagers wetted the throats of Germans, the bottom-fermented dark beer was quenching the thirst of Munich residents. The first beer, which was served in the "Braune Hofbräuhaus", still satisfies to this day with its roasted, hoppy taste and the subtle malty finish.

Black Butte Porter

Price: $0.44/ozABV: 5.2%

This is the beer that started it all. A rich, creamy mouthfeel complements a layered depth, revealing distinctive chocolate and coffee notes. Full of flavor, yet easy to drink.

Mob Barley Barleywine

Price: $0.47/ozABV: 11.6%

This American Barleywine Ale is as bold and daring as you would expect. It pours a dark ruby-brown with an off-white head and displays a complex mouthfeel that hints of caramel-toffee flavors accentuated by a strong bitter caress.

Grandma’s Cupboard

Price: $0.62/ozABV: 8%

Our American style robust imperial porter has hints of smoke and vanilla. We then age it on bourbon oak spirals. The result is a somewhat complex flavor profile: roasty with just a hint of smoke and signature vanilla finish. Despite its dark color, this porter has a medium body and smooth finish.

Ole Gus

Price: $0.47/ozABV: 7%

Full-bodied with robust caramel malt notes, this ale features a slight crispness married to subtle fruity esters from Edinburgh ale yeast. It displays a dark ruby color harboring a smooth finish with a touch of warmth.